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5 companies that transformed their supply chains with analytics - Birst

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What if, instead of data silos, everyone had access to a single networked view of data?

Birst's unique cloud BI tools meets the needs of both IT and business users.

Birst is the first platform that combines the best of both worlds: the capability scale and data governance that IT needs with the agility, speed and usability of consumer-grade desktop tools. Whether you’re an IT professional, e‍‍‍xecutive or b‍‍‍usiness User, Birst offers modern BI solutions that support all your business analytic initiatives.

Networked BI: data flows in both directions.

Networked BI virtualizes the entire analytics and data ecosystem, enabling the transformation of an organization’s approach to analytics. Built on top of Birst’s modern, multi-tenant cloud architecture, Birst creates a set of interwoven analytics and BI instances that share a common data-as-a-service fabric. This enables organizations to expand the use of BI across multiple regions, product lines, departments and customers in a more agile way, and empowers these decentralized teams to augment their enterprise data with their own local data.Networked BI is different, allowing both top-down and bottom-up blending of data. The result is local execution with global governance, eliminating data silos once and for all and dramatically accelerating the delivery of BI across the enterprise.

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Birst  ‍‍‍Easy to use business analytics, no matte‍‍‍r which device.


“With Birst, we can see a problem before or as it happens, instead of a customer calling to tell us about it. We’ve achieved a more than 99% on-time delivery rate and a five-fold increase in inventory tur‍‍‍ns that has lowered costs, increased profitability, and improved our gr‍‍‍oss margins. Customers are very happy from an on-time delivery perspective. The CFO is happy from a balance sheet perspective.”

Operations VP

Whitepaper - Five Companies that Transformed their Supply Chains with Analytics

Painlessly connect live or extract data from any source.

With Birst, data connectivity is blistering fast, comprehensive, and hassle-free.‍‍‍

Birst Infinite Connectivity Framework enables companies to configure scalable access to thousands of sources. Easily configure a specific connector to any source in less than a day, without writing code. Configuration can be to specific business requirements and updated as needed without depending on Birst.


Find out how these five companies used data to transform their supply chains