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BizTech VizManager

BizTech VizManager for Infor VISUAL

BizTech VizManager is an application designed to monitor idle time of Infor VISUAL applications, and then automatically closes all VISUAL windows after a set period of inactivity.

Using this program allows you to maximize your licensing investment and get better control over your ERP software.

Version 2.8.5 - Released June 2018

BizTech Part Planner

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The missing link between Engineering and Planning

Do you spend a lot of time working in the Material Planning Window of the VISUAL ERP Software? Are you tired of copying and pasting part numbers from multiple requirement sources?

BizTech Part Planner was developed specifically to integrate with the Infor VISUAL Material Planning Window. This application allows you to quickly review materials required for a specific end item.

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BizTech VizReports

Advanced Reporting for Infor VISUAL ERP

Get the reports you need from VISUAL. VizReports was developed specifically to integrate with Infor VISUAL. VizReports contains fourteen reports and a unique user interface.

VizReports version 9.1:

  • Works with all VISUAL versions 6.1.3 and later
  • Works with SQL Server and Oracle
  • Microsoft Access based application
  • Included reports can be purchased separately
BizTech VizReports advanced reporting for Infor VISUAL

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BizTech VizReports 1099

Print VISUAL Vendor Payment Information Directly on 1099-MISC Forms!

BizTech VizReports 1099 Edition is a reporting tool for Infor VISUAL designed to prepare and print Federal 1099-MISC tax forms by pulling vendor payment information from your VISUAL database.

New VizReports 1099 for tax year 2017:

  • Updated default dates for tax year 2017
  • Revised user interface
  • Support for VISUAL 9 databases
  • Support for multi-entity/multi-site database
  • Verified support for VISUAL versions 6.4.1 and later
VizReports 1099 report for Infor VISUAL

Avalara Sales Tax Software

  • AvaTax - Sales Tax Automation Software

    • Easily automate sales & use tax through your existing ERP, POS or e-commerce system.
  • Avalara Returns - Automated Sales Tax Return Software

    • End-to-end automation of sales tax compliance process.
  • CertCapture - Manage Compliance Documents in the Cloud

    • Automates management of sales tax exemption certificates, federal withholding forms, excise business licenses, create exemption certificates.
avalara avatax tax automation

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QBuild CADLink

Integrate & Synchronize Your CAD Data with Your Infor ERP

CADLink allows engineers to create Infor Item Master and BOM records identical to engineering CAD data with the click of a button. Direct integration reduces manual data entry and clerical errors, increases the speed of data flow and streamlines the development process.

  • Integrates with VISUAL and synchronizes your CAD data
  • Real-time, direct, two-way link with Infor VISUAL and SyteLine
  • Eliminates manual data entry
  • Improves data consistency and accuracy
  • Discrepancies between CAD and Infor are highlighted

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Kebrite Workforce Management Solution for Infor VISUAL

Kebrite Workforce Management Solution streamlines the collection of Job, Labor, Payroll, Time & Attendance, and a vast array of HR related data-- with live VISUAL ERP integration.

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Advanced dashboards, data analytics and business intelligence with Bezlio.

Bezlio can provide VISUAL ERP users with real-time access to their data on any device, including pre-built dashboards, analytics, data visualizations, and even apps that can read and write data back to VISUAL… all without opening firewall ports or synchronizing data to the cloud!

Bezlio by SaberLogic

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ERP Add-On Solutions

Solupay Cloud Collect

Put your A/R Collections on Autopilot

Cloud Collect is a cloud-based merchant services tool that integrates with many systems, including Infor VISUAL. Using your data, Solupay's Cloud Collect creates workflows to help automate your invoicing operations, while providing valuable insights you can use to improve your cash flow.

Here are just some of the benefits Cloud Collect provides:

  • Integrates with VISUALand synchronizes your accounting data.
  • Create workflows to automatically send email statements and past due notices, and receive alerts on your end when accounts are past due, so no invoice is missed.
  • Maximize unused credit lines using a view of the entire accounts receivable process so you can understand how improved credit management can impact future sales.
  • Improve your cash position by seeing statistical cash forecasts based on your customer’s historical payment history.
  • Action Item Alerts to let you know when payments are overdue.

Cloud Collect Overview

solupay cloud collect

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RF Plus Warehouse Management

Real-time warehouse management integration into Infor VISUAL ERP

RF Plus™ for VISUAL Manufacturing is specifically designed to integrate with your VISUAL Manufacturing ERP and help you collect the data that you need. RF Plus™ allows for wireless, real-time inventory, from the receipt of purchased goods at the dock doors, to issuing raw materials, transfers in the warehouse and back to the dock doors for shipping, and RF Plus™ provides this in one configurable package.

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