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Manufacturi‍‍‍ng ERP Support & Consulting Services

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Systems Conversion & Importing

For new or existing CloudSuite Industrial or VISUAL customers, we have the ability to import data from just about any source into your ERP database.

ERP Im‍‍‍plementation Services

BizTech’s experts will help you implement your new Infor CloudSuite Industrial or Infor VISUAL software. We offer complete project management and training for your employees.

Choosing the right ERP Implementation Partner

ERP Consulting & Training

For BizTech’s staff is committed to providing the best available ERP training and consulting for VISUAL ERP and CloudSuite Industrial. We offer unrestricted remote and onsite services‍‍‍, which means you set our agenda. It can be anything from systems implementation or report writing, to training and open discussions of your ERP system.

Custom Report Writing

Get the custom reports you need to manage your company. From slight modifications to a custom report solution, we deliver results.

Database Administration

Consult with us to ensure your database is being managed to maximize performance. We also have unique methods for backups, reorganizations and disaster recoveries. We have experience with SQLBase, Oracle and SQL Server.

ERP Maintenance

Infor ERP Maintenance is the process of ensuring the health of your applications and database, so that the entire ERP environment will run at optimal performance. Infor VISUAL‍‍‍ Maintenance‍‍‍ should be scheduled on a regular basis.

ERP Upgrades & Migrations

BizTech has vast experience in successfully completing upgrades for all versions of Infor VISUAL and Infor CloudSuite Industrial ERP software. If you are interested in migrating from an older database platform to a newer, more flexible platform, we have provided this complex service for many clients.

Manufacturing ERP Assessments

Have you outgrown your ERP System? Is your company under-utilizing your ERP? Are you experiencing performance issues ‍‍‍with your current ERP system?

If you answered 'Yes' to any of the above questions, BizTech can help! As your business changes, your business needs and system requirements change as well. We will assess your ERP system- including discussing your issues, meeting with different departments, touring your facility and analyzing your computer systems.

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